Field Service

Field Service

Field Service is a help for Spirius IoT customers when something needs to be done physically in an installation - anywhere in Sweden.

Some customers have IoT installations all over Sweden. When the installations are in need of service or hardware updates, the geographical distances become a concern and the travel costs can be high if the customer has to carry out the work themselves. Therefore, we offer Spirius Field Service, which is based on a collaboration with Hemfixarna Nordic AB.

Hemfixarna is a nationwide network that has a total of 1500 employees in the categories furniture assembly, craft help and technicians. For a fixed price, including travel, the customer can book a technician to perform the work on their IoT installation.


As a Spirius customer, you automatically become a user of high quality services. Both for delivery, availability and redundancy.


For Spirius it is important to work close with the customer. Being constantly responsive with the ambition to be an effective partner.


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