Network Lookup

Network Lookup

When you do large SMS campaigns you may not know if all telephone numbers relate to active subscriptions? With Network Lookup you can find out. You can also learn which network a particular subscriber belongs to.

Network Lookup specifiy the mobile network code of the operator (MCCMNC) or the Service Provider ID from SNPAC (for Sweden only) which is useful because a large percentage of mobile numbers are ported and you cannot know which operator a subscriber belongs to by looking up the MSISDN in the number plan only.
Spirius offers three different network lookup services: Sweden, Basic and Advanced.

  • Sweden gives the Service Provider Identity code (SPID) from the Swedish SNPAC register (Swedish Number Portability Administration Centre AB).
  • Basic provides the network code (MCCMNC) by HLR lookup and also gives you the status of the subscription.
  • Advanced provides both operator code (SPID), the network code (MCCMNC) and the status of the subscription.

You can access Network Lookup via HTTP/ HTTPS.


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