Messaging - Virual number

Virtual Number

Spirius Virtual Number and Extended Virtual Number services allow you to get cost effective tools that improve your SMS communication with the recipients.


Virtual Number

Virtual Number is a number that allows you to receive messages from customers who respond to your mobile mailings. You can also send SMS directly from mobile to your application.

Spirius has had Swedish Virtual Numbers for a long time, but has since 2017 expanded the number of countries with their own Virtual Numbers to 48. Using a local number where the service is used looks both better and cheaper to respond to. This also good when your customers are in several different markets.

Extended Virtual Number

An additional feature is the Extended Virtual Number, which only exists in Sweden for now. The service allows you to append up to 4 digits to the number, which in turn allows you to get up to ten thousand unique addresses. A good feature if, for example, the company has about 100 employees and everyone wants to send SMS through their computer and receive SMS back to the computer.


As a Spirius customer, you automatically become a user of high quality services. Both for delivery, availability and redundancy.


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