We cooperate continuously with several leading companies in different industries. Below we present some of them.

Software development

Nicon AB develops web-based systems for the private and public sectors. These include SMS services, database applications, development tools, e-learning, e-commerce and school portals.

Security solution

Outpost 24 help customers tighten their cyber exposure. Inspecting customer devices, networks, cloud infrastructure, web applications, user/data access and report compliance status.

Freja eID delivers mobile e-credentials that enable you to sign in, sign and approve with fingerprints or PIN.

SecureAppbox is a Swedish company that offer the tools and resources you need to manage compliance with the GDPR while driving digital collaboration.

IoT Custom Hardware

Malvacom develops industrial software systems for both mobile and desktop based appliances. They take care of everything from the apps themselves, integration against different types of back-end, servers and communication to operation and maintenance.

All Binary builds automated solutions that combine the latest in hardware, software and visualization.

Electronic payments

Paylando sells solutions for unmanned and cashless payments. Contactless means payments with payment cards or access cards. Unmanned can be anything between vending machines, rides, barriers, doors or a new idea.


City Network is a European provider of IT infrastructure services based on open standards.

Fleet management

Barkfors Fleet AB supplies transport solutions such as management systems, order management, positioning, alarm and fleet economy.

KNX (Building automation)

BAB TECHNOLOGIE GmbH develop products which allow access to the Building Technology realised with KNX, Powernet KNX, DMX or EnOcean via LAN, WLAN, Internet, GSM, UMTS etc.

Walltin Building Control works with KNX for home and property automation and is General Agent of Zennio, one of the most expansive KNX manufacturers in the market.

Telecom installers and consultants

aroundIT is a consultancy company within IT, telekom and media technology. Our specialty is IoT-project management.