Messaging - Short number

Short Numbers

Spirius own the swedish short number 71 111 that customers can use in SMS campaigns. Short numbers used to be associated with mobile payments, but today it is a sought after marketing tool.

A short number is a great thing when you want fast interaction with your target audience. The number must be easy to remember in order for people to participate. Seeing the number in an ad or hearing it in a radio commercial, it has to catch on immediately. Owning a short number is quite expensive. Therefore, it is advantageous to use shared numbers like this. Spirius have their own short numbers for Sweden (71 111), Denmark (1272) and Norway (2130).

If you already uses the Spirius platform, the service will work on your existing connection, which is easier and more cost effective.


As a Spirius customer, you automatically become a user of high quality services. Both for delivery, availability and redundancy.


For Spirius it is important to work close with the customer. Being constantly responsive with the ambition to be an effective partner.


You should always claim the best from your messaging service provider. With cutting edge technology and attractive prices, Spirius is what you're looking for.