SPIRIUS AB, a new, fresh wholesaler of mobile messaging services. We are a smart option for companies which send a large volume of SMS and MMS messages; the larger the volume you send, the better the price.

The parent company of Spirius is Leissner Data, one of the oldest companies in the IT and telecom industry. Leissner Data has been supplying communication services since back in 1969. Gotanet, an established telecommunications provider with broadband and telephony services in its product portfolio, is also a part of the Leissner Group.

Spirius AB was established in 2009. We are specialists in the intelligent and adaptable services for customers who place strict demands on the cost, technology and secure distribution. Our customers can be found many different types of businesses, both in Sweden and elsewhere in the rest of Europe. Our employees have a deep knowledge and broad background in mobile technology with many years of experience in the industry – some of whom were involved with the introduction of mobile telephony Sweden.

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Until the end of August, everyone who becomes a Spirius Member is automatically entered into the competition for an iPhone. As a Spirius a Member, you will have continual access to current information which can be of great benefit when you create intelligent and effective services. Technical documentation, software programs and other useful items can be found here. Become a Member – click here.

Try us out – for free!

The best way to find out what we can is to try us out. As a Member, you can do this for free. Our message service SPIRIcom has a high degree of reliability and extensive capacity. Sign up for a trial account at Click here to become a spirius.com/testkonto.

For more information, please contact Jonas Rexeke.