Virtual Number and Extended Virtual Number

Services and Extended Virtual Number Virtual Number is an excellent tool to further improve your communication with the recipients of your SMS distribution.

Virtual Number

With Virtual Number, you get a number that allows you to receive messages from clients who responds to your mobile mail. You can also directly send an SMS from your mobile to your application.

Extended Virtual Number

Extended Virtual Number gives you up to 10 000 unique numbers associated with your account. Each customer that is in your sending list gets a unique number that the customer can respond with. When customers respond with their unique numbers they can be separated by Extended Virtual Number. This means that you in turn can send different answers to the customers who respond to your sms, such as responses from candidates, contests or promotions. Extended Virtual Number also works well to use as the sender of an SMS program in the computer. You can use the Extended Virtual Number to both send SMS and to answer the text messages sent by customers.

Better control with Virtual number

With Spirius services Virtual Number and Extended Virtual Number You will get a more a cost efficient control over your communications with target audiences – and how customers react to your messages.

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