SPIRIlookup 2.0

Being able to see which network a particular subscriber belongs to is one of the basic functions in SPIRIlookup. A service Spirius uses themselves each time they send a text message. The customer can also use SPIRIlookup to see if a telephone number relates to an active subscription, which is crucial when making a large SMS campaign.

Spirius is now introducing an update of SPIRIlookup that have significantly greater capacity than the previous version.
– Sending text messages to a large group of phone numbers is effective, but there is also a risk that some numbers may be inactive or ported to another operator, says Martin Kristell, CTO at Spirius. Imagine that you have a list of 500 000 numbers where perhaps 40 000 doesn’t have a subscription – that would be an unnecessarily expensive campaign. With SPIRIlookup you can see if the number has a subscriber and if it is active, which is perfect if you want to “wash” your contact lists before sending.

The Spirius customer web enables existing customers to look up individual numbers free of charge via SPIRIlookup.

Access SPIRIlookup via HTTP API.

Spirius offers three different network lookup services:

  • Sweden gives the Service Provider Identity code (SPID) from the Swedish SNPAC register (Swedish Number Portability Administration Centre AB).

  • Basic provides the network code (MCCMNC) by HLR lookup and also gives you the status of the subscription.

  • Advanced provides both operator code (SPID), the network code (MCCMNC) and the status of the subscription.

For more information, please contact Jonas Rexeke.