Direct connection to Telenor Norway.

In order to provide the highest possible quality of service and secure delivery of SMS, Spirius have long since had direct connections to all major Swedish mobile telecom operators.

–Direct connections minimise risk as we always can reach their support if there would be an incident, says Jonas Rexeke, CEO of Spirius.

Since we have customers in Norway with large SMS volumes, we now have established a direct connection to Telenor Norway, the operator which accounts for a majority of all mobile subscriptions in the country. This allows us to manage our Norwegian traffic without intermediaries resulting in higher reliability, and we can provide better guarantees to our customers. In other countries the service is often purchased from an intermediator, but our ambition is to be directly connected to even more operators in the near future. This is another step for Spirius to become one of the leading quality providers of SMS.

For more information, please contact Jonas Rexeke.