Cybercom is a major IT player with many business areas, one of which is the Center of Excellence for Industrial IoT.

– We have developed a platform for IoT services and a special product for Machine monitoring and we use Spirius as a provider of SIM cards, says Niklas Tinglöf at Cybercom. At first we reached out to the major operators, but we didn’t get much attention as they prioritize larger contracts. One customer recommended Spirius, so we contacted them and it felt right. They give us access to several mobile networks and it is easy to handle smaller series of SIM cards and also be able to increase volumes in the future. We get the attention we require and see this as a long-term collaboration.

Niklas and his colleagues have just run a pilot project in an environment that measures power consumption, location and distance between components, temperature and vibration.

– The product is not limited to industrial applications, but we see a great need in that area, concludes Niklas Tinglöf.

– We are constantly expanding our product offering within IoT, says Jonas Rexeke, CEO of Spirius. We are proud that a major player like Cybercom chose us. It is a confirmation that our solutions are both reliable and affordable.

For more information, contact Jonas Rexeke.