NODA offers digital services in the energy sector, primarily to district heating companies and property owners. Their measurement data is sent via Spirius IoT solution.

Many property owners are satisfied with their central heating systems, but several could have saved 10-12 percent of their energy consumption with the help of smart, digital services. Something that is both cost saving and climate friendly. NODA offers solutions that optimize energy consumption in buildings and district heating networks.

– We add sensors in the building that read indoor temperature, outdoor temperature and the substations’ flows. This data is sent to a cloud-based platform that process the information and sends back control signals to adjust consumption. Our solution does not override regulation functions in the house, but gives a push in the right direction, says Martin Borgqvist, Chief Commercial Officer at NODA, and adds that the customer also gets a web-based interface to be able to monitor their flows.
The sensors use Spirius IoT SIM-cards to communicate.

– We must ensure access to data. There are a number of other protocols today, but Spirius’ solution is reliable and cost effective. The collaboration works well, says Martin Borgqvist.
Jonas Rexeke, CEO of Spirius, sees great potential in the energy industry.

– Much can be made with IoT to save energy. Adding smart solutions in large closed systems is becoming more common. NODA is far ahead with its services and we are proud to deliver our IoT SIM-cards to them, says Jonas Rexeke.

For more information, contact Jonas Rexeke.