GreenCharge Infra connects charging infrastructure and payment services for electric vehicles via an open roaming network. Spirius delivers the communication.

Via GreenCharge Infra, the user gets access to various charging points throughout Europe. The advantage is to avoid having lots of different subscriptions or charging cards. As long as the operator is connected to GreenCharge Infra, the end user can have the same card regardless of the charging box. At present, about half of Sweden’s charging points are connected.
– Our customers are service providers and operators. It can be a company that has charging points throughout the country, but also private charging posts. Our system charges the person who parks, sends a report to the service provider and the end user, so you can see your consumption, says Per-Henrik Fridolfsson, CEO of GreenCharge Infra.
Spirius delivers the IoT solutions that make the charging posts communicate with the system.

– Spirius has delivered APN-network which works very well. Their solution also handles SMS notifications to the end user with reminders and other information, says Per-Henrik Fridolfsson.
– GreenCharge Infra is a smart solution that accelerates the transition to more sustainable car transport. We at Spirius are proud to deliver our part in the project, says Jonas Rexeke, CEO of Spirius.

For more information, contact Jonas Rexeke.