Paylando AB develops solutions for cashless payments, which challenges the traditional payment and management systems for vending machines and the like. Spirius IoT SIM cards proved to be a perfect fit.

Paylando sells solutions for unmanned and cashless payments. Such as for vending machines, rides or public toilets.
– We have developed a technology that does not expose the payment terminal and a complete cloud service that handle all types of vending machines. The customer uses his mobile and Swish as a “payment terminal” and our solution transports the payment to the machine, says Johnny Lindén who is the founder of Paylando together with Sebastian Nilsson.

For communication to work smoothly, Paylando collaborates with Spirius.
– We need secure internet in many places with minimal administration. From a regular mobile network operator we could get a subscription for 5 gigabytes of data, but we may only need 100 megabytes. Spirius IoT solution was the right product for us.

Paylando also has a partnership with Payter where the customer can use a debit card in the machine.
– We have competitors in the market, but since we collaborate with Payter, we have a broader solution. Our customer is either the manufacturers of vending machines or the one who owns the vending machine in the end, it depends, says Johnny Lindén and reveals that Paylando also develops its own vending machine.
– It is a solution where you never have to physically touch the machine. Not even when you order the item. It comes in handy during the pandemic.

Jonas Rexeke, CEO of Spirius, is looking forward to further collaboration with Paylando.
– This is a perfect area for our IoT solution. And it goes beyond vending machines because Paylando also sees other uses. For example, to be able to activate things such as a shower at a campsite or to enter a certain area. That kind of need will increase, says Jonas Rexeke.

For more information, contact Jonas Rexeke.

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