Spirius SMS services are an important component of pinDeliver. A cloud-based platform that digitalizes the delivery process, from booking to delivery and everything in between.

The idea behind pinDeliver was formed in 2012 by the company Elicit AB in Gothenburg.
– Most people have probably waited for a home delivery and been told that the transport will how up at any time between 09-17. We thought of way to improve notification for home deliveries, says Nina Littorin, marketing manager at pinDeliver.
A platform was created to better overview the part of the delivery called “last mile”, a term used in transport planning to describe the final phase when goods are moved from a freight terminal to a final destination. pinDeliver provides various interfaces and modules for all parts of the last mile route, from goods handling at the terminal to transport planning, driver support, customer communication and delivery statistics.

– Communication to drivers and final customers takes place via SMS, so we need a supplier who can help us with that. We chose Spirius because they have direct agreements with the major operators and direct connection to them without intermediaries. They also have a redundancy in their solution for extra safety. A working SMS service is crucial for our business concept, says Nina Littorin.

At present, things are going well for pinDeliver, whose customers are mainly in the grocery trade and meal kits but also in e-commerce and transport companies.
– We have seen both increased volumes and increased interest during the pandemic when reliable home deliveries have become extra relevant. We are constantly working to develop the platform and make the transports more profitable and sustainable, Nina Littorin concludes.

– It is very gratifying that pinDeliver uses Spirius SMS. They are a major player in last mile deliveries who understand the importance of having a reliable supplier, says Jonas Rexeke, CEO of Spirius.

For more information, contact Jonas Rexeke.