Mirakelbolaget AB delivers IT systems, mainly to the electricity network industry. An important part is notifications to end customers in the event of operational disruptions. When it is done via SMS, Spirius is the service provider.

Mirakelbolaget works with IT systems for various forms of network owners in district heating, electricity, street lighting, fiber and more.

– We deliver a documentation system that includes everything. It becomes like a register with all the customer’s routines. An important part is to be able to notify the end customer in the event of operational disruptions, either planned or urgent, says Anders Falk at Mirakelbolaget.
In the system, the customer can see which end customers are affected and easily obtain documentation to send out messages via email, to a website, Facebook or SMS.

– SMS is something our customers demand and that is where Spirius comes into the picture. People do not have the same control over their emails as their text messages. We needed someone who could deliver that service and the choice fell on Spirius because they had an api that we had not seen anywhere else. In addition, they are stable and always give quick feedback. We have chosen the best supplier for electricity networks, says Anders Falk and adds that Mirakelbolaget also uses SMS in its own portal for pre-registration.

– It is used by electricians when work is to be done at a customer. You send a pre-registration to the network owner via our portal, which was previously done on paper. The dialogue with the application, consent and acknowledgment when the work is done is linked to SMS notifications. For example, for the electricians to know that everything is approved by the network owner.

– Everyone knows how frustrating it is in the event of a power outage, for example. As soon as a message has been issued, we as customers become calmer, even if the error is not rectified immediately. In that case, SMS communication remains unbeatable because we reach the vast majority of end customers directly. We are very happy that Mirakelbolaget uses and also recommends our service to its customers, says Jonas Rexeke, CEO of Spirius.

For more information, contact Jonas Rexeke.

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