Spirius delivers SMS services to Tidvis, which is a web based platform developed primarily for scheduling in the health and care sector. A collaboration that works very well.

Tidvis Sverige AB started in 2012 and was born out of the need for a schedule and time reporting system for care assistance companies.

– Back then I was CEO of a company that provided care assistants and we were looking for an administrative tool, but what was available was not perfect for us, says Mattias Lind, CEO of Tidvis and continues:

– I have a background as a system- and business developer so I knew what I was looking for and hired my own developer. The result was Tidvis, which we have since expanded with quality management, finance, recruitment and our own social media platform, and more. From 2015, I have continued to develop Tidvis under my own direction.
The system uses Spirius SMS services for secure communication with customers’ staff.

– It is a closed system so GDPR-sensitive information is only shared on the platform. The user receives an SMS notification that a message is waiting in Tidvis, for example a request for staffing. The customer can also use SMS to remind staff to sign their time reports or similar, says Mattias Lind who thinks that the SMS collaboration with Spirius has worked very well.

– If we have questions, we get fast and good service, day and night. They have the same mentality as we have. Not many companies have that attitude today.
Right now, care assistance is still a priority for Tidvis, but Mattias Lind sees an extension where the system can be adapted for other industries.

– Actually, it could be used anywhere, but we are looking at larger grocery stores for example. There is still a lot of staff planning on a whiteboard. In such an extension, I also believe that we could use more of Spirius SMS services because it is not the same type of sensitive personal data that needs to be handled. It will be an exciting future.

For more information, contact Jonas Rexeke.

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