Spirius is launching Spirius Field Service in collaboration with Hemfixarna Nordic AB. A help for Spirius IoT customers when something needs to be physically fixed in an installation – anywhere in Sweden.

Opportunities and benefits with IoT are well known, but still there are challenges. For example, if a customer has installations around the country and needs to make an update or service of hardware. Then you realize that Sweden is a big country, that it would take time to do the job yourself and that 95 percent of the cost will be travel.
That’s why Spirius is launching the solution – Spirius Field Service through a collaboration with Hemfixarna.

– It is time-consuming and costly to go out yourself or hire a service technician who will solve something relatively simple such as pressing a few buttons or pulling out a cord, says Jonas Rexeke, CEO of Spirius and continues:

– We experienced this problem ourselves and realized that we could hire Hemfixarna, which is already one of our SMS customers. It worked out great, so we came up with the idea of packaging that kind of help for Spirius IoT customers.
Hemfixarna is a nationwide network that has a total of 1 500 employees in the categories Furniture assembly, Craft help and Technicians. For a fixed price, including travel, you can book their services.
Erik Löfberg, vice president at Hemfixarna explains:

– We have around 800 technicians with a guaranteed level of competence. When our customer service receives an order, we make sure that a technician calls the customer to book an appointment. Afterwards, the customer may submit an assessment of the job in the Trustpilot service. The average rating in Trustpilot is a high 4.7 out of 5 after approximately 100 000 performed tasks.

For more information, contact Jonas Rexeke.