Every year, Swedes lose billions in insurance compensation that is never paid. The tech company Insurello wants to change this and create a digital one-stop-shop for customers who want to claim compensation in various cases. Spirius SMS subscriptions are used to communicate with the customers.
Insurello started in 2016 and has grown steadily since. Today, the company employs about 130 employees in Sweden, Denmark, France and Italy. The business idea is simple. The customer creates an account with Insurello and establishes their case. Then, Insurello’s smart service searches through its databases to see what compensation the customer is entitled to.
– You can be insured at work, through your union, your sports club or in a number of other contexts. Around 75 percent fail to report their injuries because they do not even know they can receive compensation, says Victor Witting, Marketing Associate at Insurello and continues:
– We focus mainly on personal injuries at present and also help with some cases related to compensation for air travel and delays. The idea is that we will be able to handle all types of compensation cases in the future.

With the help of technology, matters that are often perceived as complicated for the customer will be simpler and largely automated.
– About 70 percent of the customer journey takes place automatically and without telephone queues, but personal injuries are complicated and also need human review, says Victor Witting, who goes on to explain Spirius’ part in the process:
– We send notifications when something new has happened in the customer’s case or when we need more information. We have Spirius Messaging implemented in one of our email tools and send thousands of text messages daily to customers in our four markets. SMS works well because they get more attention than an email. Spirius has been very flexible and adaptable, so we hope that they will continue to be a reliable partner on our journey!

For more information, contact Jonas Rexeke.