SRT is Sweden’s leading provider in security technology such as lone worker alarms and indoor positioning systems. Today, SRT delivers products in many areas from healthcare to security companies – and Spirius deliver the IoT communication.

SRT (Scandinavian Radio Technology AB) develops and manufactures products with a focus on lone worker alarms, property surveillance devices and vehicle tracking equipment.
– Our lone worker alarms are portable. If something happens, you press a button and an alarm with information about your position and identity is sent to an operator. At the same time the device connects a voice call to the operator. Depending on the scenario, the emergency service center operator takes action, says Christoffer Eriksson, sales manager at SRT. He further explains that the industries that SRT targets mainly operate in healthcare or security.
– We also work with industries. There, a person can move over large areas indoors where GPS does not work and for those purposes we deliver other positioning technologies.
The communication from the hardware goes via Spirius IoT-service.
– All devices get new SIM cards and thus also new phone numbers. Spirius has helped our retailers’ customers directly with the SIM cards and ensures that everything works. We do not have to act as an intermediary. It has worked out very well, says Christoffer Eriksson.

For more information, contact Jonas Rexeke.