Miljödata is celebrating thirty-five years as a company and has made a successful journey that began with systems for occupational health care and today deals with work environment systems. Spirius is a supplier of practical SMS services.

Miljödata started in 1988 in Karlskrona, Sweden, where it remains today with twenty employees. CEO Erik Hallén explains that they develop most of their systems themselves and have an internal sales organization and customer service.
– When the company started, it was as a supplier to Statshälsan, linked to occupational health care, what later became Previa. Today, Previa has been acquired and is no longer a customer, but Miljödata also changed direction in the mid-nineties, says Erik Hallén.
The company started to develop systems for the rehabilitation of long-term sick leave and saw a great need in the market, especially in municipal operations.
– Around 2003, Adato was launched, and we started to focus more on work environment in general. Today it is our main work area. We make web services for authorities, municipalities and larger companies, perhaps around 1000 employees and upwards. Simply where there is a need for system support regarding the management of sickness absence, work injuries, personnel notes and rehabilitation. It helps the customer to make the right efforts in the same way for all employees and get all the documentation in the same place, says Erik Hallén.

Spirius delivers SMS services to Miljödata’s systems. Among other things, linked to sick leave where an employee can call in sick or healthy, and the manager is notified via SMS. There are also signing solutions via SMS.
– We had another SMS provider before, but were not completely satisfied. Their model was based on buying credits in advance which were used for SMS traffic until they ran out, which could cause problems. From Spirius we always get the invoices afterwards and a clear specification of the traffic, says Erik Hallén and concludes:
– We looked at Spirius and their API that we use today. It has worked smooth and reliably. There are never any problems.

For more information, contact Jonas Rexeke.