Secure connections for control, measurement and transactions

We offer secure connections for different applications. The services are suitable for communication or IoT applications where knowing that your traffic is separate from the Internet is more important than high bandwidth. We can also deliver via mobile networks.

Example applications:

  • Property automation - Secure connection of DUCs for control of heat, ventilation etc.
  • Burglar Alarms - Transmission to alarm center.
  • Passage system - Connection for administration and monitoring of passage systems.
  • Door phone - Connection intended for dialing door phone.
  • Camera surveillance - Connection of digital surveillance camera.
  • Elevator / Emergency Telephone - Connection of analog telephone to elevator emergency.
  • Measured value collection - Collection of consumption data. For example, heat, water, electricity.
  • Payment transactions - Payment information in parking vending machines, vending machines etc.
  • ATM and card terminals - Secure card transactions.