Charge by SMS

With SPIRIpay you can charge for your services via SMS. You set the price the customer will pay for an SMS. The amount can be from 3 up to 200 SEK. In special cases, with the agreement, the price can be a maximum of 600 SEK. The customer will be charged on the invoice from their operator and Spirius see that the payment for the SMS message is transferred from operator to your account.

Although short numbers

In SPIRIpay includes the short number for your incoming SMS. Short number can also be used only for incoming SMS without payment. It costs then as a normal SMS. Using the short number makes it easier to communicate your services and easier for the customer. Short number and pay SMS makes it easy to accept micropayments, without involving credit cards or banks.

Own short numbers or shared

In SPIRIpay choose if you want your very own short number or if you want to share one. Shared short number includes five prefixes listed first in the SMS (must be of the same service). If you choose to have a own short number, all SMS messages to this number are forwarded to you.


For SPIRIpay we offer an HTTP GET API that makes it very easy to connect.

For more information, please contact Jonas Rexeke.