Spirius has developed the service SPIRIspeech which converts text messages to voice calls and works equally well for both mobile and landline phones. It uses a voice synthesis with 15 different languages, but it can also play back your own sound files. The service is available worldwide and works especially well in countries that it is difficult to send SMS to.

– It suits a lot of purposes, says Jonas Rexeke, CEO of Spirius. Let’s say you want to connect your home alarm system to the mobile phone. When the alarm goes off, instead of receiving an SMS, you will get a phone call and a voice tells us what happened. When it rings, there is a greater chance that the mobile phone gets your attention than when you receive an SMS. Another example is that you can send a code or login information without it being stored in the recipient’s mobile. Some countries have censorship authorities who control all text messages before they are sent out, resulting in a delay of perhaps 30 minutes. This delay is avoided completely by voice calls that also works with landline phones. You could say that the more important the information, the better with voice calls.

SPIRIspeech is hosted on two independent server systems in different countries, which makes it geographically redundant. The service can also be adapted for switchboard services with spoken menu selections.

To use the service, use the HTTP / S GET API – it’s that easy!

For more information, please contact Jonas Rexeke.