SPIRIsmart is our new toolkit for creating customized work-flow solutions, for example automatic ordering applications or group messages to sport clubs. E.g. predefined orders can be trigged by sending text messages to a short or virtual number, and sport clubs might want to automate sending reminders to its members.

Perfect for organizations that does not have resources for in-house development. Of course, it is possible to outsource development, but there is always a risk that the solution will have hard coupling to the author. And often the development work will only be a part of the total cost during the lifetime of the service – it is not uncommon that operation and maintenance will become the more expensive part. SPIRIsmart can be a good alternative that solves both development and, above all, the operation.

– With SPIRIsmart we can decide and configure according to a predetermined set of rules, says Jonas Rexeke, CEO of Spirius. We help the customer to set up the flow and run the solution. You can make changes quickly without entering the source code. The solution is both flexible and future-proof.

– For a customer who is in need of a service with a specific flow, this is good news,” continues Jonas Rexeke. There are, for example, pharmacies that use similar solutions. Patients who need to get medications delivered are sent a text message: “Now the following new medications are due, confirm with social security number and square”. Then they receive a response SMS: “Your order will arrive on Monday”, and the order will be fully automated via their central warehouse.

For more information, please contact Jonas Rexeke.