Now it is finally here! Spirius new responsive website focusing on clarity and ease of use.

“The new web is more transparent and built around our three business areas Messaging, Internet of Things (IoT) and Solutions,” says Jonas Rexeke, CEO of Spirius. Messaging is still our main area, but IoT is growing fast. The major telecom operators are investing heavily in IoT, but is focusing on larger companies. We can niche ourselves towards smaller actors and start-ups.

The third business area, Solutions, is primarily about delivering tailored full stack solutions, sometimes including hardware, using our partners.

There is also a new developer site ( where you will find specifications, program code and API examples, as well as a new version of the portal ( that has been updated and become easier to use. New features will be launched on a more regular basis in the new portal as it is built inhouse.

Welcome to

For more information, please contact Jonas Rexeke.