Infracom has gone from a niche company to a comprehensive supplier of IT, telephony and internet. Since the start around the year 2000, they have grown steadily and intend to continue. Spirius has been around for a long time as a provider of messaging services.

Infracom ensures that IT, telephony and internet work for their customers who are medium-sized or large companies in all industries. From previously being more of a niche supplier, the company today focus on comprehensive solutions close to the customers.
– IT and telephony are hygiene factors and everyone depends on it in everyday life. That’s why we have turned more towards being a help desk with support all the way. We are not the consultant who comes in once a week and fixes problems, but tries to solve most things remotely, says Bo Kjellberg, CEO of Infracom.

The company started during the IT frenzy around the turn of the millennium and has gone from one strength to another.
– We all made mistakes in the beginning and learned from the experiences. In 2018, Infracom went listed on the stock market and that’s where we’re still at. Today, we are working towards growing around 20 percent a year. This has meant that we now focus on large companies and procurements, simply because we have grown, says Bo Kjellberg.

A subcontractor that has been around for a long time is Spirius. In fact, Infracom was Spirius’ first customer right at the start.
– We have SMS as an additional function in our systems. Like recovery of passwords via SMS or booking confirmations, says Bo Kjellberg and reveals that the company’s first SMS gateway was built from a multitude of interconnected mobile phones.
– It didn’t work in the long run. I had Spirius recommended by friends in the industry and there was a huge difference with their solution, not least in terms of price. There were a few bumps in the road in the beginning, but as long as you communicate and are transparent, there are no problems. It rather strengthens the relationship. Today, everything runs smoothly and feels very stable, says Bo Kjellberg, who concludes that the growth journey has only just begun for Infracom.
– Something new happens every day!

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