Formify is a Swedish service for small and medium-sized companies that want to use digital signatures. The idea is to make it easier to sign agreements and do business within and between countries in Europe. Formify chose Spirius as a provider of SMS services.

Formify delivers an uncomplicated service for digital signing of agreements, documents and contracts with the support of BankID.
– We are a pure signing service that offers the most necessary functions and in this way we enable entire organizations to easily implement signing in their daily operations. It is a simple process that meets the requirements of eIDAS and we offer a flexible payment model where everyone can find their price level, says David Nordin, CEO of Formify.

The idea behind the concept is simplicity. There are no hidden costs and everything is included, for example SMS.
– Not all companies need to sign multi-page agreements with their customers. An offer that is properly specified may be sufficient. When it is approved by the customer, you can start delivering based on it. And if the company asks the customer to sign the document via our service, then there is a legally binding signature that is stronger than a verbal agreement or an email response. Many of our users testify that there are fewer discussions afterwards, that the willingness to pay is strengthened and lead times are shortened, says David Nordin and continues:
– During our start-up, we worked with meta customers who taught us an incredible amount. Partly to find the right way in our product development and which functions are in demand. We also gained a better understanding of different types of customers. An HR department has completely different needs than a management consultant who may represent many companies. We were able to find smart features and efficient applications.

The fact that Spirius was chosen to deliver the SMS service was based on recommendations.
– My closest friend in the tech world has used Spirius himself and said that there is no better alternative. It is a stable supplier, without a doubt, concludes David Nordin.

For more information, contact Jonas Rexeke