János Tóth-Égetö is the new CTO at Spirius. Most of his work is done from Madrid in Spain, but he likes to visit the head office in Karlskrona sometimes – his former hometown.

János Tóth-Égetö moved from Tingsryd to Karlskrona in 1996 to study telecommunications at Blekinge University of Technology. Then he worked for Ericsson and other telecom companies, which led to an assignment in Colombia. Then the family moved on to Madrid in Spain.
– We have stayed there for four years and I have worked mainly with app development and Cloud architecture, and it was the right time to do something new:
– I have known Jonas Rexeke for a long time. We had children in the same school in Karlskrona, and I think it will be fun and exciting to enter the telecom world again. Plus I will have the opportunity to visit Sweden from time to time. It will be the best of both worlds, János says.
As CTO at Spirius he looks forward to both developing himself and the products.
– There are so many possibilities. Both within messaging and, above all IoT. My role will be to broaden and deepen our products and services but hopefully also find new areas for us. I’m really looking forward to it, János concludes.

Jonas Rexeke, CEO of Spirius, welcomes János on board.
– I am very much looking forward to working with János and sharing his long experience in Telecom and DevOps. It will strengthen Spirius in the future, says Jonas Rexeke.

For more information, contact János Tóth-Égetö.