Since the start in 2008, Linas Matkasse has been a reliable supplier of meal kits with one of the largest selections on the market. Many customers choose to receive their notifications from Linas via SMS. A service provided by Spirius.

Linas Matkasse was founded by Lina Gebäck and her brother Niklas Aronsson. Today, the concept exists in Sweden, Norway and Denmark with a continued ambition to deliver tasty and healthy dinner recipes to its customers.
– Since day one, the idea has been to reduce everyday stress so that customers can avoid dinner planning and shopping. We are proud to have Sweden’s largest selection. At the same time, we protect the local food cultures in our countries. There is a lot that separates our eating habits, says Frida Staflin, CRM manager at Linas Matkasse.
When it comes to communication, Linas Matkasse uses many channels to reach out to customers, but SMS is still something that many choose.
– We use SMS for marketing and to reach the customer with information about changes that may occur, when the meal kit is delivered to the door as well as SMS for rating the delivery, says Frida Staflin and continues:
– It is a proven and perfect service for short, simple messages.
At the same time, she emphasizes that the reliability of the SMS deliverance is hugely important.
– Stable deliveries are one reason why we have chosen Spirius for our SMS services. We ship large volumes within a short time span. If you are sending to a large customer base, the message must arrive at the right time. If there are delays in the SMS traffic, the information quickly becomes irrelevant, says Frida Staflin, who adds that the few problems that have occured have not been due to Spirius’ service but to other technical disturbances.
– Instead, they have been helpful in finding out what went wrong and how we should avoid it in the future. The fact that Spirius has double sites with servers for redundancy and load balancing feels very safe. If something were to go wrong, there’s a back up, Frida Staflin concludes.

For more information, contact Jonas Rexeke.