SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) are used in mobile networks to handle SMS traffic. Apart from the major mobile operators, very few operators run their own SMSC, but Spirius is one of them. From now on our SMSCs are completely cloud-based, “says Jonas Rexeke, CEO of Spirius.

“When we started Spirius 2009, we sent all SMS traffic through a physical SMSC, sized like a fridge. But with time it has become smaller and the installation now being retired was based on a blade server” Jonas Rexeke continues. The new solution is two virtual SMSCs running on Openstack, one in Stockholm and one in Karlskrona. They are load-balanced and independent, so in case of problems in one site, the other can take over all the traffic. It is a relief to have the security a redundant setup provides and to not have to worry about hardware. Also, the physical VPN routers have been replaced with software solutions. All in order to provide the most reliable setup possible for our customers.

For more information, please contact Jonas Rexeke.