LightAir AB is a Swedish company that develops air cleaners, mainly for industries. An industry that is aware that both people and machines need good air quality.
– Our unique patented technology works at its best from the dirtiest industry to offices. But within the industry there are guidelines and limit values, even if they are often set high. Personnel, machines, robots and even storage need clean air and less dust and other harmful particles, says Peter Svensk, CEO of LightAir and adds that churches also have great needs as small, and dangerous, soot particles from candles settle everywhere. Something that is costly to clean up.
LightAir’s solutions clean the air circularly in the rooms via electrostatic filters, a technology that removes the most dangerous and smallest particles. The technology neutralizes, among other things, mold spores, viruses and bacteria.
– All devices are connected via our LightAir Connect so we can see the status of humidity, temperature, particle levels and more and this is where Spirius comes into the picture, says Peter Svensk and continues:
– We use their IoT subscription and it has worked very well since we started. It gives us a good overview and we can control our subscriptions, which is positive. For example, if we need to cancel a subscription. Having full control in real time allows us to deliver a special service to our customers; clean air.

For more information, contact Jonas Rexeke.